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Classroom Implications of Theory of Motivation

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Classroom Implications of Theory of Motivation

It is important for the teacher to know the basic needs of his/her students and cater for these according to level of their important. For example, the teacher needs to think first of students food, rest or health before thinking of teaching them.

When the teacher praises his/her students for doing well in their study or assignment, they will be spurred to sustain that effort.

A classroom, which is well decorated or adorned with beautiful charts, and learning materials will be students friendly. The students minds will always be attracted to the activities in a beautifully adorned classroom.

In the classroom, students like being recognized or respected. When their views are recognized or respected, they will have their confidence boosted and developed.


From the beginning of the lesson, the teacher should endeavour to make his/her students know possible outcome of the lesson. It is when the students know what they are likely to achieve from the lesson that their attention will be arrested and sustained.

Feedback is necessary if the interest of the students must be sustained in the classroom. So the teacher should always strive to let them know how they are performing in the teaching- learning activities.

The teacher should also provide/plan for extracurricular activities for his/her students. When the teacher does this, the students will have opportunity of establishing a genuine interaction among them. Besides, they will be able to display their hidden talents.

When dealing with the students in the classroom, the teacher should take into consideration, the developmental changes and differences in the students before deciding on the particular motivation pattern to be employed.

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