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Ways of Removing Fatigue

1. Sleep Getting proper 8 hrs of sleep is necessary.
2. Relaxation sitting or lying in a relaxed position, doing activities which are favourites also eliminate fatigue.
3. Balance of work and rest
4. Change in the nature of work
5. Recreation
6. Change in Emotions

Reducing Fatigue in School and classroom
The following points can be kept in the view to fight fatigue in the classroom situation.
1. Satisfactory physical condition
: the school and the classroom should be attractive and clean. The furniture must be quite comfortable.
2. Medical Check Up:
Sick children are soon tired. Sometimes some children are healthy apparently but they maybe suffering from some chronic ailments. They cannot carry on sustained activity fora longtime. Weak eyesight exhaust the individual very soon.
3. Midday Meals
: Hungry stomachs invite fatigue during activity. Therefore, children should be provide with midday meals or other light refreshments in the school time.

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