Psychology of learning

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4. Supply of fresh air:

The rooms must be well ventilated for fresh air and light. Oxygen is a necessary thing to fight fatigue. There should be enough outdoor activities also.
5. Motivation:
the lesson must be made quite interesting. Therefore, various teaching techniques should be implemented during teaching-learning process.
6. Co-curricular activities
: Extracurricular activities prove very refreshing, interesting and instructive to the children. Therefore, there should be ample provisions of such activities in the school.
Check Your Progress
1. What do you mean by Fatigue Explain the kinds of fatigue
2. Explain the ways of removing the fatigue school and classroom situation.


This unit has prepared the teachers to focus on the factors that affect the learning process.

We discussed how maturation contribute to the learning


The various strategies teachers can employ to keep the attention and give clear perception of the students in the teaching-learning activities.

We discussed the Definitions, Types and Theories of motivation which has given an understanding how to motivate the student in classroom.

Fatigue is an important factor that influences the learning process we focused on removes the aspects which create fatigue in order to have effective learning.

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