Psychology of learning

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Concept of Thinking
Thinking is a complex process which
involves manipulation of information as we form concepts. It also engages in problem solving, reasoning and making decisions. Thinking is a higher cognitive function and the analysis of thinking processes is part of cognitive psychology. Thinking is a pattern of behaviour in which we make use of internal representations (symbols, signs etc) of things and events for the solution of some specific, purposeful problem.


Ross: Thinking is a mental activity in its cognitive aspect.
Kolesnik: Thinking is the reorganization of concepts.
Woodworth: Thinking is mental exploration for finding out the solution of a problem.


It is one of the most important aspects of ones cognitive behavior.

It depends on both – perception and memory.

Thinking is a mental process which starts with a problem and concludes with its solution.

It involves trail and error analysis and synthesis foresight and hindsight.

It is a symbolic behavior.

It is a cognitive activity.

It is always directed to achieve some purpose.

It is different from daydreaming and imagination.

It is a problem-solving behavior.

There is mental exploration instead of motor exploration.

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