Psychology of learning

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if a person gets locked in a room and loses his keys and he starts searching for them indifferent places then this becomes motor exploration but if he tries to think of different ways of how he can get out of the room then this becomes mental exploration- THINKING)

Thinking is a symbolic activity. (e.g.: engineers use mental images and symbols to design the plan for buildings)
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1. What do you understand by thinking
2. Enumerate the characteristics of thinking.

7.2.2 Tools of Thinking

1. Percepts, 2. Images / Object, 3. Concepts, 4. Symbols and
Signs, 5. Language.

1. Percepts
: A mental impression of something perceived by the senses, viewed as the basic component in the formation of concepts is called percepts. Percepts are recognition and interpretation of sensory stimuli based chiefly on memory. Thus, the percept is a perceived form of external stimuli. The percept also binds sensations from all of the senses in a whole.

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