Psychology of learning

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b) Divergent
"Divergent" thinking may start from existing knowledge, but it proceeds indifferent directions and are not limited or bound by existing knowledge. At times divergent thinker may question and

doubt the adequacy of the existing knowledge. This type of thinking may start from a common point and move outward into a variety of perspectives. When fostering divergent thinking, teachers use the content as a vehicle to prompt diverse or unique thinking among students rather than a common view. Divergent thinking is also creative thinking. It generates something new or different. It involves having a different idea that works as well or better than previous ideas. Thus, divergent thinkers have an open mind. He is not controlled by the belief that there is one best solution to any problem or the correct answer to any question.
Basically divergent thinking is a mode in which a person or group makes themselves open to new ideas. Generally speaking, they are working with, what we might call, an open ended problem, a problem for which there is, there maybe, many creative possible solutions, so the divergent thinking process is one in which we are open to all those ideas and we generate lots of new ideas. The difference between the two can be seen in the following table

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