Psychology of learning

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The limitations of introspection can be overcome by practice and training, by remaining alter during introspection and by comparing results obtained by experts.
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- and

Student we observe so many things in nature. We also observe the action and behaviour of others and form our own notions about these person. We look at other persons, listen to their

talks and try to infer what they mean. We try to infer the characteristics, motivations, feelings and intentions of others on the basis of these observations. So let us study about Observation method employed by psychologists in detail.
With the development of psychology as an objective science of learning behaviour, the method of introspection was replaced by careful observation of human and animal behaviour to collect data by research workers.
In introspection we can observe the mental process of ourselves only, but in observation, we observe the mental processes of others. Hence Observation is the most commonly used for the study of human behaviour.

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