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B. Spaced VS Mass Learning

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B. Spaced VS Mass Learning

: In spaced learning, the learner has been allowed some rest in memorization. The subject is not required to memorize the assignment in one continuous time period. Intervals are provided. The principle of work & rest is followed. In mass learning, the subject has to memorize the assigned material atone sitting without any interval or rest, until it is mastered. Shorter study periods are better for young pupils
& slow learners. Spaced learning benefits pupils of lower classes, when motivation level is low or material is complex & difficult to understand. It is better to introduce periods of rest while studying. This helps in removing the monotony of long periods of study. Attention also does not flag and fatigue is avoided. Mass learning is effective when the pupils are very intelligent or are highly motivated. Although, both the methods of learning are found to be useful and effective in one situation or the other. In fact, success in the use of a particular method depends more on the abilities of the individual and the nature and range of the material to be memorized than on the method itself.

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