Psychology of learning

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Meaning of Observation

Observation literally means looking outside oneself. Facts are collected by observing overt behaviour of the individual in order to locate underlying problem and to study developmental trends of different types.
The overt behaviour is the manifestation of court conditions within the individual. The study of overt behaviour gives indirectly the clue to the mental condition of the individual. Observation means perceiving the behaviour as it is
In the words of Goods, “ Observation deals with the overt behaviour of persons inappropriate situations
Observation has been defined as Measurements without instruments
For example students in classroom have been labeled as good, fair or poor in achievement and lazy or diligent in study etc. on the basis of observation, observation is indirect approach to study the mental processes of others through observing their external behaviour. For example if someone frowns, howls, grinds his teeth, closes his fists, you would say that the person is angry by only observing these external signs of his behaviour.
Students in the process of observation, following four steps are generally required

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