Psychology of learning

C. Whole verses Part method of learning

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C. Whole verses Part method of learning:

Let’s take the example of a poem, when the poem is read again & again from start to finish this is whole method of learning. This method can be adopted when the material is not very lengthy & when the material is logically arranged. Less time is used compared to part method. Here again the poem for example is broken down to parts or stanzas & then learnt, thus slow learners & average students are benefitted . The learner is motivated each time he masters the parts, thus the whole content is slowly mastered.

Even when the material is large & is not well organized, this method can be used.
D. Recitation:
The best method of learning whereby the student reads the lesson few times & then reviews the lesson without the bookie. he recites the material learnt to him. Studies have shown that self recitation is better & time saving than just reading & rereading because permanent retention is achieved. Learner is able to detect his weakness & rectify them thus he knows his progress as well.

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