Psychology of learning

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In our daily life we have experienced the time we want to recall the name of a friend and we realize that we have forgotten it. Forgetting occurs only when some learning has taken place. If there is no learning then there is no forgetting. Thus forgetting & remembering are two sides of the same coin. So when we are unable to remember it’s called forgetting.
Munn: Forgetting is the loss permanent or temporary of the ability to recall or recognize something learnt earlier
Drever: Forgetting means failure at anytime to recall an experience, when attempting to do so or perform an action previously done.
Bhatia: Forgetting is the failure of an individual to review in consciousness an idea or a group of ideas without the help of original stimulus
Thus forgetting is being unable to find the correct information. (from the mind) at the given situation. Forgetting is temporary at times when later we can remember the names & actions whereas forgetting is said to be permanent when in no situation we are able to recall the information.
Lets see why we are unable to recall information & Why do we forget

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