Psychology of learning

Change of stimulus conditions

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5. Change of stimulus conditions

: we may have learnt in a specific environment, but we forget in the changed environment e.g. we can say the speech well at home but in front of the audience, we are unable to speak.
6. Poor Health
: this prevents us from remembering learnt material.
7. Defective mental state
, fatigue, lack of interest or willingness all lead to forgetting

Factors which helps to minimizing Forgetting or Factors which
help to improve Memory
1. Rate of Learning
: It’s a fallacy that rapid learning is associated with rapid forgetting easy come easy do. But the reverse is actually true, in rapid learning forgetting is slow & when learning is slow forgetting is rapid. Thus a slow learner, would eventually lose interest in the subject thus forget the material rather quickly than a quick learner.
2. Over learning
: forgetting is said to betaking place as soon as we stop learning. So we must recall immediately after we have learnt & it must continue after intervals. Learning must be carried beyond the point where recall is just barely possible.
Overlearning , beyond the point of complete mastery, strengthens the impressions in the brain.

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