Psychology of learning

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3. Periodic review

: this is very similar to self recitation thus as soon as we learn we start the review of the data. Reviews at frequent intervals prevent the decay of the learnt data or information.
4. Kind of Material
: easy, simple, meaningful and logically related materials are easy to retain & forgotten less rapidly. Thus general concepts, scientific interpretations are better retained. Meaningless materials are forgotten quickly. Thus associations make material meaningful & quick to remember.
5. Intention to Learn
: firm determination or strong will to learn is required to achieve success. Same material given to sets of students wherein one is willing & other is not unwilling, in such cases we see that retention was greater in those students who had a determination to learn.
6. Proper Methods of Learning
: economical method must be chosen depending on the material to be learnt, so we chose spaced versus mass or whole versus part learning.

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1   ...   164   165   166   167   168   169   170   171   ...   268

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