Psychology of learning

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7. Self recitation

: After reading a lesson a few times, the student must try to review the whole thing without the help of a book. This method may also be termed as attempted recall and it makes a more economical use of one’s study time. It also helps towards permanent retention.
How can we improve the way we learn?:

1. A will to learn
: Learning is better achieved when there is a drive to learn. Thus without intention learning is not achieved much.

2. Use Multiple sensory learning
: Things are better remembered when presented through more than one sense e.g. heard & written on the blackboard help better retention than only hearing something
3. Rehearse and Recite
: Rehearsal & recitation are useful in memorizing thus self evaluation is possible and learning can be modified accordingly.
4. Space your learning
Spacing what we learn or distributed learning helps better retention learning as things learnt in small parts is retained longer.

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