Psychology of learning

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1. Observation of behaviour

The first step involved in the method of observation is directly perceiving or observing the behaviour of individuals understudy. For example, if we want to observe the social behaviour of children we can observe it when they assemble and play.

2. Recording the behaviour observed
The observation should be carefully and immediately noted and recorded. Minimum time should be allowed to pass between happening and recording. It will make the observation more objective.
3. Analysis and Interpretation of behaviour
When the notes of behaviour observed are completed, they are analysed objectively and scientifically in order to interpret the behaviour patterns.
4. Generalisation
On the basis of analysis and interpretation of the data collected with the help of observation method, it is possible to make certain generalization. Social development and behaviour of children have been described by child Psychologists on the basis of generalization based upon analysis and interpretation of the data gathered through the observation method.

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