Psychology of learning

Follow the principle of association

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5. Follow the principle of association

: Associating what we are learning with what we already know helps in remembering . e.g. A for apple, Z for zebra etc.
6. Use Correlation
: Topics must not be taught or learnt in watertight compartments thus correlate with experiences & related subjects to make learning interesting.
7. Grouping & rhythm
e.g. multiplication tables and poems are easy to learn because of grouping & rhythm. Use of Mnemonics also aids learning.
8. Whole to Part to Whole
Before intensive study, go through the whole matter, understand it, break it to parts & then study it whole following the whole to part to whole method.
9. Take breaks
Periods of change, rest & sleep helps remove fatigue & monotony thus fresh mind stores meaningful experiences for longer time.
10. Over learn:
Over learning helps retention. Review and revise very often.
11. Avoid interference of subject similarity
: Interference causes forgetting so similar situations, subjects, etc must be spaced out. Complete the work, do sufficient drill work & then begin the next learning situation.

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