Psychology of learning

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12. Good Environment

: Better learning environment makes learning interesting & vivid by using teaching aids , adopting new methods and techniques.
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1. What is forgetting What are the causes of forgetting.
2. What are the different ways to minimize forgetting
3. What are the various ways in which a student can improve the ways in which he learns



Imagination is a spontaneous process which occurs when an individual is doing nothing in particular, is not responding to any clearly identifiable stimulus and is relatively passive. It is actually the experience of earlier sensory experiences in the absence of the relevant stimulus. Therefore, imagination is based on one’s past experiences. It is through sensation and perception that the knowledge of the world is acquired.
Imagination can also be defined as mental manipulation. These mental manipulations involve recall of past experience in the form of mental images and in arranging them in a pattern to form anew combination. Here the pattern can be made by adding or deleting the images.
A series of images are called Imagery. Imagery could be obtained from any of the five senses. Imagery is the exact replica of the object e.g. when we are asked to have an auditory image of the school bell, one will not imagine the structure of anything apart from the school bell.
Mc Dougall:
Imagination is the thinking of remote objects

Imagination is mental manipulation. When the individual recalls facts previously observed in reality and proceeds to arrange these facts into anew pattern, he is said to show imagination
Thus, imagination represents a very simple and passive type of thinking process. Normally, imagination occurs when one is relatively free and is not particularly directing their attention to any specific problem or issue. It is, in away, a sort of idle activity.

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