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Productive or Constructive Imagination

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Productive or Constructive Imagination

: When the imagination is altered & restructured & new images are formed is called productive imagination e.g. writing a poem, painting, anything which shows newness or novelty of ideas. This is subdivided into Creative Imagination, Imitative Imagination
Creative Imagination
is when something new is created. There is originality in the creation. It is the very superior kind of imagination. E.g. scientist, artists, novelists, poets, playwrights.
Creative Imagination is again subdivided to

Aesthetic imagination
- when it is directed to the production and appreciation of beauty. No outside control is accepted. The artist has his own code of laws of working. E.g. an artist or a dancer or a musician. b)
Pragmatic imagination
- when the imagination fulfills a practical aspect. E.g. architects designing a building. External control is present. c)
Fantastic type of imagination
- many people build castles in the air, in this case, the imagination has no control, there are no conditions applying here.

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