Psychology of learning

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In child centered education child has been given utmost important. Child’s personality plays major role in teaching learning

process. Personality is often misused in describing outer appearance of the person. Personality is more than that. It covers inner as well as outer look. Attitude aptitude reflects in the type of personality. Importance of mental health, role of school and teachers in improving personality / adjustment is discussed in this block.
Personality is the whole individual considered as a whole. It maybe defined as the most characteristic integration of an individual structure, modes of interest, attitudes, behaviour and capacities.

MUIRHEAD Personality is a term that has been used very widely but each time to mean some different aspects of a person. Every society and in it every school, takes a profound interest in the development of the personality of children. Etymologically, the word personality has been derived from the Latin word Persona. At first this word was used for the mask worn by the actors to change their appearance but later on, it began to be used for the actors themselves. Since then, the term personality has been used to depict outward appearance or external behavior etc.

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