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1. What are characteristics o personality
2. Distinguish between type and trait theories of personality.

Definition –
Psychologically, the whole set of attitudes opinions and cognitions that a person has of himself. Self concept is a multidimensional construct that refers to an individuals perception of self in relation to any number of characteristics. Such as academics (and non academics, gender roles and sexuality, racial identity and many others. The idea of self concept is utilized in many disciplines including psychology, philosophy, sociology, nursing, biology and anthropology, there is no consensus as to how to define Self concept using terms of specificity.

At present the development of self concept among the students is worrying. Most students have low self concept and they are so passive achievements in school. According to Gadeyne, E, Ghesquiere, P, & Onghene P.

(2004) to develop the students positive self concept, parents need to provide a harmonious household climate, full of happiness and have adequate necessities. While teachers in schools also need to provide a conducive learning environment and be sensitive to the psychological needs of the students. According to Azizi etal (2005). Any man has a picture or perception of himself. This includes looks and appearance, physical health, ability, weakness and his behaviour. Thus self concept is how one evaluates or judges himself that is either in a positive or negative way. Self concept can be classified into two major types that are positive self concept and negative self concept. The positive self concept is about a circumstance or situation in which an individual is confident and sure of him, have good interests, be objective and not too sensitive. A negative self concept is when an individual has too subjective nature.

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