Psychology of learning

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4. Environment causes –

The forces of environment begin to play their role right from the conception of the child in the womb of

the mother in the form of defective nourishment available to him. Uncongenial physical environment, adverse physical environment. Leads to maladjustment.
5. Faulty method of teaching –
Faulty method of teaching do not motivate students. Lesson become dull and drudgery. Student begin to hate every process of education. It creates emotional tension which lead to mental illness.
6. Strict Discipline –
Some traditional schools impose strict discipline, such schools are just like jails and the teachers jailors. Those students are always suffering form fear and worry.
7. Lack of equipments (facility)-
In some schools, there is lack of furniture and proper equipments. Overcrowded classes and poor facilities leads to frustration and mental tension.

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