Psychology of learning

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6. Pattern of relaxation –

The teacher should set a pattern of calmness, yoga, meditation, stress management courses plays very important roles in preventing maladjustment.
7. Informing progress –
Teacher should inform the child of the progress he is making.
8. Timely help –
Teacher should help the child when he needs it and not only when he asks for it. If the teacher is wise enough to know when the child requires help, he maybe able to help him avoid many traumatic failure experiences.
9. Moral Education –
School should provide value education through various methods. Self confidence, cooperation, caring and sharing are the values can be inculcated through co- curricular programmes.
10. Guidance and counseling –
If teacher works as guide and counselor for parents and children, many of the negative situations can be turned into positive one which is benefited to students.
Check your progress
1. Describe concept of maladjustment
2. List out causes of maladjustment
3. list out preventive measures of maladjustment.

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