Psychology of learning

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Unit Structure
10.0 Objectives
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Concept of Intelligence
10.3 Nature of Intelligence
10.4 Functions of Intelligence
10.5 Measurements of intelligence
10.6 Uses of Intelligence tests
10.7 Let us sum-up
After completing this unit you should be able to

Define the concept of intelligence.

Describe the functions of intelligence.

State the uses of intelligence tests.

Test the intelligence by using intelligence tests.

You know that every individual is a unique being. Along with the features and characteristics shared with over people, i.e. the universal ones, each individual had many particular characteristics. The individual is born as a man, but only gradually with the help of adults and through his own activity, becomes an individual. As for the adult’s influence, the decisive role in this process is played by education which is purposeful, planned, professional and institutionalized. However, the development of the individual is influenced both by internal and external influences. In the process of education and development of personality, the pupil is not only the object of education but also the subject of his own development. These subjective tendencies are intelligence, attitude, aptitude, creativity and interest which are particularly the concern of psychology.

This unit deals with the inner ability of the individual like intelligence which makes one different from other. As we have

discussed no two organisms are exactly alike. From birth onward, differences become increasingly apparent, especially inhuman beings, partly as expressions of here dietary factor and partly through the impact of the environment. Such differences have been recognized since ancient times and they occur in all human abilities including intellectual functions.
You must have observed that two individuals who study the same amount of time for an examination achieve different scores. You also know that some succeed in medical school while others have difficulty even finishing high school. Then question may arise in your mind why this thing happens Your response to these questions might be that high intelligence leads to success.
Intelligence is one of the most widely used yet mot widely debated concepts in scientific and everyday life. Intelligence means different things to different people. Rob showed many intelligent behaviours when working through computer programmes or recalling sports statistics, but he was unable to express his ideas and knowledge of English literature clearly on examination. Many psychologists believe that intelligence does not refer to one special ability but to a group of abilities. All the definitions offered by psychologists share certain concepts. Let us discuss about the concept of intelligence in detail.

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