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Check Your Progress II

Note: Fill in the blanks.
I. The nature of intelligence was first though by a brilliant
…………… Scientist Sir ………………. II. Intelligent is a hereditary trait is reflected by the title of the book …………………… III. The German psychologist ……………… introduced the concept of IQ,
You know that to measure something we need a unit a measure. For example to measure the length we use a scale, weighing machine for measuring weight etc. To know how much of anything exists, we have to measure it. So in your mind question may arise to know how much intelligence you have Do you know how to measure it Can you measure it through kilogram, kilometer, litre, scale or other measure like this No, to measure the amount of intelligence, there is no such one specific measuring scale. Because intelligence is not an object, it is not observable, but it is a relative mental ability. Though it cannot be measured directly though any single unit of measure, still if can be measured. Let us discuss how intelligence can also be measured. Al of you maybe very curious to know if.

It is important to note that intelligence is inferred from a variety of elements i.e. behaviour and speed of doing things correctly etc. In ancient India intelligence was measured through conversation, physical features, gestures, gait, speech, changes in the eye and facial expression. But today, many intelligence tests are widely which primarily measures abstract intelligence as exemplified by competence in dealing with symbols in a meaningful way. A number of tests measuring social intelligence as well as mechanical intelligence have also been developed. An intelligence testis an objective and a standard measure.

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