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Merits of Observation Method

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Merits of Observation Method

1. Being a record of actual behaviour of the child, it is more reliable and objective.
2. It is an excellent source of information about what actually happens in classroom.
3. It is a study of an individual in a natural situation and is therefore more useful than the restricted study in a test situation.
4. The method can be used with children of all ages. Younger the child, the easiest it is to observe him. This method has been found very useful with shy children.
5. it can be used in every situation, physical- activities, workshop and classroom situations as well.
6. It is adaptable both to the individuals and the groups. Although observation is regarded as an efficient method for psychological studies, students yet it suffers from the following drawbacks limitations
1. There is great scope for personal prejudices and bias of the observer. The observers interest, values can distort observation.

2. Records may not be written with hundred percent accuracy as the observations are recorded after the actions are observed. There is sometime lag.
3. The observer may get only a small sample of study behaviour. It is very difficult to observe everything that the student does or says. As far as possible observation should be made from several events.
4. It reveals the overt behaviour only- behaviour that is expressed and not that is within.

5. It lacks replicability as each natural situation can occur only once. Students looking at the drawbacks an observation method has psychologists have suggested various guidelines to be followed for making good observation. So let us find out which are these essential guidelines for making good observation.

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