Psychology of learning

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Digit Span
: For testing on memory, digits are spoken and the subject is asked to respect them in the same or reverse order. For example if the examiner says 8, 4, 3 the subject is to say 3, 4, 8.

The subject is asked to describe the way in which certain objects are similar. In way cotton and silk area like
General Information
If consists of questions from everyday life. Kinds of questions asked. How many inches are therein afoot
Picture arrangement
Each item consists of a collection of cartoon like drawings which make a story when arranged in proper order.
Picture completion
This test consists of a series of pictures which are presented to the subject one at a time. An important part is missing from each picture and must be identified by the subject.
Block design
The subject must arrange a collection of colored cubes in such away that they reproduce certain printed design.

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