Psychology of learning

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Educational uses

In educational situations intelligence tests helps in
Selection of Courses

Selection of courses for pupils can be made on the basis of intelligence tests. Some subjects required higher order of intelligence and other require low order of intelligence. A nationwide study conducted in the United states gave the following median IQ. of the high schoolboys indifferent courses.
Courses Median
Technical Scientific Academic Commercial Trade

Selection of pupils to Schools

In good school there is always a rush of admission. All the applicants though eligible for admission cannot be admitted. In this case, intelligence tests help a lotto meet out this difficulty.
Classification of pupils
Children can be classification into various categories on the basis of intelligence tests. We have children who are of superior intelligence, average, intelligence, dull and feeble minded. Children having the same IQ. maybe grouped together and constitute a class. This helps in avoiding educational wastage and developing progress among children according to their ability.

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