Psychology of learning

Detections of various types of pupils

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Detections of various types of pupils

In order to classify the pupil into homogeneous group, we have to detect them. This can be done with the help of intelligence tests.
Award of Scholarships
On the basis of intelligence and achievement tests scholarship maybe awarded to suitable candidates.

Promotion of pupils
Intelligence tests are also used to promote pupils. In case of gifted child, we give double promotion.
Prediction of success :
Student’s success can be predicted on the basis of intelligence tests.
Assessment of Teacher’s work
The achievement of students when compared to their intelligence indicates the teacher’s work.
Evaluation of Methods and Instructional Material
Intelligence tests also help in evaluating the importance of different methods & reading materials relating to different subject & textbooks.

Educational Guidance
Educational guidance like selection of courses, streams etc, can be given to students on the basis of the results of intelligence tests.

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