Psychology of learning

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1. Write any three uses of intelligence tests relating to education.
2. Write other two areas besides education, where intelligence tests are also used.

You would recall that we have touched upon the following learning items in this unit. Intelligence is a mental trait which expresses itself in various forms. It is an inborn natural power. It helps a man in learning things and to solve complicated and comprehend problems and situations. Intelligence can be measured by different types of intelligence tests like individual, group, verbal, nonverbal and performance tests of intelligence.
Intelligence is measured through a complicated process which involves a compression and establishment of a relationship between chronological age and mental age. It is expresses by the term IQ. Intelligence quotients.
Intelligence tests are used in solving educational problems with the help of intelligence tests, occupational, social and personal guidance can be easily furnished. These tests are, however, required to be use with great care and caution and only by expert in the field.

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