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Creativity was believed to be a gift of God long to be found in highly talented people and geriuses. Therefore, the view that the very intelligent or very superior people would be also creative was held. Creativity was regarded as a rare quality of distinguished individuals. A creative person has an inborn talent. The relationship between creativity and intelligence is neither linear nor curvilinear. Fora longtime creativity was considered to be associated with artistic individuals who have been distinguished in various fields as painters, sculptures or writers. Creativity is distinguished by novelty, originality and is unusually inventive.
The more important feature of recent research is that creativity is not an extraordinary gift, but a basic ability of all human beings. All persons to a certain degree potentially are creative. Helvetius (1758) was the first to recognize creativity not as a divine gift, but as a human quality. Contrary to the long held idea that it is a divine gift, it is now accepted that creativity exists in every sphere of human activity. People differ greatly on the degree creativity. The creative abilities may not have realized and remain potential owing to luck of proper stimulating conditions or owing to long neglect. So, I think all of you are now feeling very happy by knowing that you can also be a creative person by creating something new of your own ideas. Let us discuss how you can also create something.

Creativity is the power of the mind to form new ideas and thoughts. It helps you imagine something new and special. For example drawing, painting, writing, comes from being able to wonder, appreciate and think about things and be inspired by them. For example if you draw well and you see a beautiful painting, you begin to wonder at it’s beauty. You ask yourself why you should not paint something as beautiful as the picture you have seen. Next day, you begin to draw or paint something of your own which is more beautiful than that you have seen. This is your creativity. So creativity brings out something special in you. Now, you must be clear about the concept of creativity. We will discuss some more examples of creativity for better clarity.

You know that many great poets have written poems on someone or something that made them wonder. Rudyard Kipling

wondered about how a perfect man would be and wrote one of his most famous poem If. William Words Worth, on seeing abed of daffodils was so wonderstruck by it’s beauty that the poem daffodils just flowed from his pen. Yet, the daffodil is one of the commonest blooms in England and millions just took them for granted and still do.
In the same way great painters made their most famous paintings. It is believed that Leonardo Davin a was inspired by a lady to paint the ‘Monalisa’. You also know that Shahjahan’s amazing Love for his wife Mumtaz Mahal, inspired the wonderous building the “Tajmahal”. Many very creative people wonder at even the tiniest, everyday aspects of life and then make their ideas into great works of painting, scripture and literature. You can also take up something you enjoy like drawing, music, dance etc. as you begin to enjoy if, you will become more and more creative in it. Even, ordinary, everyday things can be made into works of art like vegetable carving, dall making and matchobox building etc.
Some of the definitions given by different psychologists will also help us to get the meaning more clear.

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