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Definitions of Creativity

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11.2.1 Definitions of Creativity

“Creativity is the capacity of a person to produce compositions, products or ideas which are essentially new or novel and previously unknown to the producer
Drevdhal, J. E.
“Creative is a process extended in time and characterized by original adaptiveness and realization
Mc Kinnon
“A process is creative when it results in a novel work that is accepted as tenable, useful or satisfying by a group at a point in time
“Creativity is a process sensing gaps or disturbing missing elements, forming ideas or hypotheses communicating the result, possibly modifying and retesting hypotheses
“It is distinguished between discovery, invention and creativity by saying that fact is discovered, theory is invented by only a masterpriece is created

If we will analyse the definitions of creativity, it seems to fall under four categories.
- The person who Crates
- Mental processes asserting within the person who creates.
- Cultural and environmental factors working on the creator.
- Products of creativity, i.e. poems, paintings, theories and inventions.

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