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Check Your Progress – I

i) Write your answer in the space given. ii) Check your answer. i. Who recognize creative as a human quality ii. Who write the Poem Daffodils iii. Who painted the Monalisa?

All the definitions reveal the nature & characteristics of creativity.
- Creativity is the resultant of some interaction.
- Creativity is the ability to syntherise ideas or objects.
- It is a ability to create new ideas, theories or objects.
- It is a ability to develop something original.
- It is a process as well as a product.
- It is a complex & dynamic process.
- It knows no special medium, place, person or time.
- It is the capacity to accept challenge.
- It is readiness to change self and environment. Though, creativity has some general characteristics, it’s nature of work differs from person to person. For example creativity to the artist is the ability to evoke an emotional mood. To the architect, it is the ability to evolve new approaches, forms and new materials. To the Scientist, creativity is the ability to explore new way of extending knowledge. To the teacher, it is the ability to


discover and apply dynamic methods of teaching learning whereas to the student it is the ability to use words and phrases in new situations, to solve sum speedily, to prepare new types of charts, to write essays and stories depicting new ideas. Students, till now you learn about creativity, it’s concept, nature & characteristics. Now you will know the characteristics of a creative personality.

Torrence has complied a list of eighty four characteristics of a creative person. some of these are-
- A creative person is very adventurous.
- He is flexible in his thinking, feeling & doing.
- He is very keen to explore and invent.
- He is intuitive, self disciplined, visionary & willing to take risk. On the whole, creative children are constantly probing, discovering, imaging, asking questions, guessing and wondering. Therefore, they should be encouraged to ask unusual questions, to explore new ways of thinking, to try novel approaches to problem solving, to play with ideas and material.

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