Psychology of learning

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Check Your Progress – II

Note :
Write your answer on the space given below i. Write what according to you should be the main three characteristics of Creativity. ii. Write any four characteristics you observe in a creative person.

The process of creative thinking involves some specific and definite steps these are-
- Preparation
- Incubation
- Mumination or Inspiration and
- Verification or revision

Creative thinking inmost fields of endeavourer requires some preparation. It includes much trial and error. For example in writing a term paper, a student writes something, scratches out what he has written and starts over again, only to destroy that also. In this way continous and persistent efforts are mode. At some point, he finds that he cannot solve the problem. So he keeps the work aside for the time being. Deliberately or involuntarily turning away from the problem is the beginning of the second stage which is known as incubation.

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