Psychology of learning

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a] Write your answer in the space given below b Compare your answer with those given at the end
A] Fill in the blanks
1] Observation has been defined as ‘_________ without
B Mention four types of observation :
1] __________
2] __________
3] __________
4] __________
C List the steps involved in observation method
1] __________
2] ___________
3] __________
4] ___________
Students till now, we saw introspection method and observation method used in psychology of learning. But these methods lack scientific objectivity and validity. Experimental method is the most scientific and objective method of studying behaviour. It is the method, which is responsible for assigning the status of Science to psychology. So let us learn more about this Experimental method.
In 1879, William Wundt established the first psychological laboratory at Leipzing in Germany. Since then experimental method in psychology has become popular, Experimental method consists of actions of actions performed under prearranged or rigidly controlled conditions.
Here the emphasis is on experimentation. Experimentation is where the investigator controls the educative factors to which a group of children are subjected during the period of inquiry and observes the resulting achievement.


J. W. Best describes, Experimental research is the description and analysis of what will be, or what will occur under carefully controlled conditions

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