Psychology of learning

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Check Your Process - III

Fill in the blanks.
i. The period when a person deliberately turning away from the problem is known as the period of …………………………. ii. In the process of creative thinking the Aha experience comes in the …………… stage.
You know that measurement is essential to know the existence of anything. So in case of creativity, we also need to measure creativity among individuals. According to Torrence, measurement of creativity is essential in idealifying creative individuals. So, question may arise in your mind that why we should identify creative individuals Identification of creative individual is essential because it-
- enhances understanding of human mind and personality.
- Helps in individual teaching.
- Helps in guiding the mental growth and development.
- Emphasizes the need for guidance in future.
- Helps in arranging remedial programme. Creativity can be identified in various areas like academic, artistic, mechnical and scientific etc. So, again a question may come to your mind that how creativity can be idealified indifferent areas As every individual is unique, they also have their unique way of thinking. So they differ in their areas of interest. These areas can be identified by using various testing and non testing techniques. These are-

In this technique what your canto do is just to observe the behaviour of the individual indifferent situations. From your observation you will be able to ideality the individual’s creative areas.

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