Psychology of learning

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Standardized Tests

Different type of creativity tests developed by psychologists are used to measure creativity. Some of them are foreign tests and some are Indian tests.
Foreign tests
Some standardized foreign tests used to measure creativity are-
- Guilford and Merifield test of creativity for college students.
- Burron and weish Art scale.
- Harris test of Scientific Creativity.
Indian Tests

Like foreign tests, Indian tests are also developed to test the creativity indifferent areas. Some of these are-
- Mazumdar Scientific Creativity Test
- ISPT Creativity Performance scale
- Chatteriee Mosaic Test
- Passi – A Battery of creativity Test Besides these, Guilford and Merrifield have developed test techniques that measures fluency, flexibility, originality, redefinition and sensitivity to problems. Getzels and Jackson have used five different measures of Creativity in their research. They are-

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