Psychology of learning

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Check Your Progress – IV

Write the answers in the space given below. i. Prepare a creativity test using the five measures given by
Getzels & Jackson.

If anything you will prepare, you must think how this can be used. Here you know that how creativity can be idealified & you also have prepared a creativity test. So you should use it. Before using it, you should know how you can use it. You know that creativity is a natural endowment. If needs stimulation and nourishment. Most of creative talent if not given proper training, education and appertunity for creativity expression, results in wastage. Moreover, creativity is universal. It is not monopoly of a few geniuses only. Everyone of us to certain degree possesses creative abilities. Ina democratic setup like owners, it is not only the geniuses who are needed to create, manitest and produce, others whether mediocres or below averages are also required to think constructly and creatively.
Creativity tests are useful in finding the nature and amount of creativity among the children. This also help us to provide proper environment and guidance to develop the originality of the individual in a full fledged way. We can organise various activities and situations to develop creativity among children according to their abilities. These are-

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