Psychology of learning

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Freedom to Respond

Adequate freedom should be given to children in responding to a situation. They should be encouraged to think about as many ideas as they may for the solution of the problem.

Opportunity for involvement

The feelings like It is my creation, I have solved give much satisfaction to children. Therefore opportunity should be provided to them to derive satisfaction from being a cause.

Encouraging originality and flexibility
Originality on the part of children in any form should be encouraged. They should also be asked problem questions to answer. In learning a task if they need to change their methods of learning, hey should essentially be encouraged to do it.
Removal of heritation and fear
The cause of haritation and fear for doing any work should be discovered and removed as far as possible.
Providing appropriate opportunities and atmosphere
A healthy favourable atmosphere for creative thinking and expression is an essential condition for the stimulation and nourishment of creativity among children.

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1   ...   233   234   235   236   237   238   239   240   ...   268

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