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Check your Progress- Vb i. Write two ways of Brain storming

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Check your Progress- Vb i. Write two ways of Brain storming.

ii. Write what according to you are the two best ways of using creative resources of the community.

In this unit we have discussed that creativity is necessary for problem solving. But are all problems demands creative solutions No. For example there is only one correct answer to the question a how much is 75 plus 25? But an architect asked design anew museum fora particular community might produce a variety of design solutions. When asked to solve a problem or form a concept, people may respond without much though in a predetermined manner, or they form a hypothesis and then test it to evaluate potential solutions. For particularly difficult problem, a creative solution is often best, although it may not bean obvious one. A creative solution is one that makes others say why did not I think of that It is not always easy to define a creative solution. Similarly, it is not always easy to identify a creative individual.


This unit gives you an idea creativity is the process of developing original, novel and yet appropriate response to a problem. A novel response is one that is new or that has no precedent. An original response is one that is not usually given. However, unless an original and novel solution is also appropriate, it cannot be termed creative, though not too easy, still by observing carefully the characteristics of a creative person and administering different creativity tests, a creative person can be identified by you. On that basis you can create situations, provide facilities to develop creativity among them. Sometimes creative individuals experience a sudden brilliant illumination, but more often their new ideas come about through a slow intuitive understanding of the field of endeavour. Their background allows them to be constructively creative. This unit is an attempt to give an outline of how the nature and characteristics of creativity & creative individuals help in identifying creative individuals. Different types of creativity tests & their uses in educational situation are also part of this unit. In short, this unit gives an awareness to the parents, teachers and elders about their role in promoting creativity among children.

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