Psychology of learning

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Unit structure

12.0 Objectives
12.1 Introduction
12.2 Group Dynamics
12.2.1 Meaning
12.2.2 Process of Group Dynamics
12.2.3 Importance of Group Dynamics
12.3 Group Mind
12.3.1 Meaning
12.3.2 Importance of Group Mind.
12.4 Techniques of Group Learning
12.4.1 Cooperative Learning
12.4.2 Group Discussion
12.5 Let us sum up
12.6 Glossary
12.7 Suggested reading


To develop an understanding of group dynamics.

To develop an understanding of the process of group dynamics.

To gain insight into the importance of group dynamics and group mind.

To acquaint the learners with the different techniques of group learning.


Introduction to Group Dynamics
Human beings exhibit some characteristic behavior patterns when interacting in groups. Therefore, understanding group behaviour plays a vital role in order to establish a harmonious society. The psychology of the group is also called group behavior.

The group helps a person in the satisfaction of his fundamental needs and in achieving a sense of accomplishment. In modern organizations, groups are employed as major instruments for operations, particularly for problem- solving and improving performance.

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