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12.2.1 Meaning of Group Dynamics
It is a relatively new concept in the socio – psychological field. Etymologically, the word, Dynamic, is derived from a Greek word, which means force. Thus, Group Dynamics stands for the forces operating in a group. A group is constantly interacting, thereby bringing about a perpetual change in the personality and behaviour of the members constituting the group. The behaviour is not static. Group Dynamics means the change of behaviour through interaction in the group. It refers to the forces which operate in group situations. It studies the structure of the group and other phenomenon which emerge out of group interaction.

According to the Goods dictionary – Group Dynamics implies an interactive psychological relationship in which members of a group develop a common perception based on feelings and emotions. These inter-stimulative relationships maybe described by the term Group Dynamics

Kretch & Crutch - Group Dynamics implies changes that take place within groups.

Thus group dynamics is the study of forces exerted by the group on the individual or the individual on the group.

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