Psychology of learning

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Mourning / Adjourning

- Having satisfactorily got through the group tasks, if the group has been successful in working together, despite initial tensions and conflicts, we often see members sad to leave each other. This is where mutual respect and achievement is felt most significantly. Often subgroups form from the larger groups to continue with personal or professional development interests.

12.2.3 Importance of developing Group Dynamics in Learning
1) To improve the behavior of students
- Ina classroom group, the students come into contact with each other and acquire appropriate type of education.
2) To developmental processes -
Some sort of exchange of thoughts goes on in the class group through which intellectual activities like reasoning, memory, judgments, decisions, thinking and imagination develop.
3) To develop the feeling of self sacrifice -
The students in a classroom group remain in close contact with each other. Therefore so much love, goodwill and sympathy develops in them that in the time of need they do not hesitate to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others.

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