Psychology of learning

) To acquire more knowledge -

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7) To acquire more knowledge -

Ina classroom group the students learn the habits of competition and imitation and get an inspiration to acquire more knowledge.
8) To develop the feeling of cooperation -
The teacher encourages all the members of a classroom group to work together and thus feeling of cooperation is developed in them.
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1) What is a group What are the basic characteristics of a group
2) What is group Dynamics Why is it important fora teacher to know about the dynamics of a group


12.3.1 Group Mind

Sociologist, Lebon has used this term for explaining the various characteristics of crowd behavior. Lebon asserted that individuals behave in a peculiar way when there are members of crowd. Explaining the reasons for this, Lebon says that individuals as a member of crowd are in the grip of collective or group mind and thus behave differently. At this time, as a member of crowd their unconscious personality disappears and it is their conscious personality moved by the group mind that is responsible for their peculiar behavior. Various sociologist and psychologist like Mc Dougall use this term as a concept to explain the behavior of individuals as members of highly stable enduring groups like the army or some political and religious organizations. He asserted that members of these highly organized well-integrated groups behave differently in these groups as they would otherwise behave as an individual outside these groups. Thus, the concept of group mind has been made into use for explaining our peculiar behavior as a member of crowd or a highly organized and integrated group.

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