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Merits of experimental method

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Merits of experimental method

Experimental method being most precise and scientific has following merits

1. Experimental method is the most systematic method or getting reliable data.
2. Experimental method enables accurate observations due to controlled conditions.
3. It allows us to establish cause effect relationship between different phenomena.
4. The results obtained are valid and reliable.
5. The findings of the experimental method are verifiable by other experiments under identical conditions.
6. It helps to protect from the subjective opinions. Hence it provides objective information about the problem.
7. it provides adequate information about the problem.
8. In experimental method experiments are conducted under vigorously controlled conditions. The experimenter can control the application and withdrawal of independent variables.
9. Experimental method increases ones knowledge or psychological facts in child psychology, social and abnormal psychology. It is rightly said the experimental method has made psychology a science.

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