Psychology of learning

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Check Your Progress – 3
a) Write your answer in the space given below b) Compare your answer with those given at the end.
A) Fill in the blanks
_________ established at the first psychological laboratory at Leipzig in Germany.
2) Psychological experiments require two people.
They area b) ____________
3) The key factor in the experimental method is the controlling of _____________
4) Experimental method has three following variables
iii iii) _________

B) List the steps involved in experimental method

ab c) ________

C) List the different experimental designs employed in
experimental Method
ab c) _________
d) _________ e) ________

Students we have learnt in the above unit the four methods of studying psychology of learning. But which of the above discussed methods is the best among other four is a difficult questions to be answered. All the four methods have their strengths and weakness and possess some unique characteristics, which make them highly specific for use in a particular situation. A wise psychologist should have a keen insight into the nature of his subjects as well as the conditions affecting his work and accordingly select a proper method or methods for the objectives. Study of the behaviour of his subjects much depends upon the sincerity, honesty, ability and experience of the investigator, who should always try to keep himself as scientific and objective as possible and leave no stone unturned for the overall analysis for the behaviour of the subject or nature of the phenomena of the study.

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