Psychology of learning


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Following are the important characteristics of the nature of educational psychology


It is an applied branch of fundamental Psychology.

It combines two fields i.e. education and psychology.

It is the scientific study of human behaviour in educational situation.

It is concerned with these factors, principles and techniques which relate to the various aspects of child’s growth and development.

It is concerned with learning situation and process by which learning can be more efficient and effective.

Educational Psychology, draws heavily from various branches of psychology, biology sociology and anthropology

Educational Psychology is not as exact as natural sciences since the human behavior cannot be predicated exactly, because it is dynamic.

Educational Psychology is a science of education dealing primarily with how, when and what of education.

It is not a normative a science as it is not concerned with the value of educational and doesn’t concern itself with and What ought to be It only describes what it is, it is an applied positive science.

While psychology deals with the behaviour of all individuals in all walks of life. Educational Psychology limits its dealing with the behaviour of the pupil in relation to Educational environment.

It does not concern with what and why of education it gives the necessary knowledge and skill (Technical Guidance) forgiving education the pupil in a satisfactory way.

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