Psychology of learning

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Human beings keep changing. During their lives, they change in size, appearance and psychological makeup. The way they change differs from individual to individual. However, the fundamental underlying patterns of growth and development remain more or less the same and take place in an orderly way. Each individual, with his unique heredity and the way he is nurtured, determines the way he traverses the broad highway of his life at his

rate of progress. He will attain the size, shape, capacities and developmental status in away, which is peculiar to him at each stages of life. In this unit, we shall discuss the concept, principles and various stages of growth & development. Children differ in physical, cognitive, social, and emotional growth patterns. They also differ in the ways they interact with and respond to their environment as well as play, affection. Having an understanding of the sequence of growth and development prepares teachers to help and give attention to all the children.

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