Psychology of learning

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Can you recall events from your early childhood say the second or third year You might have a few vague and blurred memories about your childhood. The experiences of that period form the basis of the type of person you are today. How human beings grow, change and adjust themselves to their environment is the focus of development and behaviour as also the concepts, principles and theories of growth of development. The human being is never static. From conception to death, he undergoes changes. There are progressive changes in response to environmental conditions. His body organs and psychological functions show the curves of capacity and achievement as well as slow erosion and decay. Cognitive abilities develop and then degenerate basic metabolism reaches a peak, then declines, the endocrine function flourishes, and then fades.

There is arise and fall of physical energy in terms of both the

force and speed of action with age. In fact, no organ or function of human beings has yet been found which is independent of age determinants. At the time of conception, a child has genetic potentialities that are partly predictable and partly unpredictable.


These genetic potentialities are determined by the nature of his biological inheritance. Still there is room fora tremendous range in the ways he uses the genetic potentialities, depending upon the environment that may help or hinder the development of those potentialities.

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