Psychology of learning

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Emotional Development
The child is industrious, purposeful, and goal directed in her activities. She is confident and self-directed. The child is developing abetter sense of herself as an individual, with likes and dislikes and special areas of skill. She is capable of introspection. The child evaluates her worth by her ability to perform. Self-esteem is largely derived from one's perceived abilities.
3.4.4 Developmental Characteristics of Adolescence (Age 12-
18 Years)

Physical Development
Physiological changes at puberty promote rapid growth, the maturity of sexual organs, and development of secondary sex characteristics.
Cognitive Development
During early adolescence, precursors to formal operational thinking appear, including a limited ability to think hypothetically and to take multiple perspectives. During middle and late adolescence, formal operational thinking becomes well developed and integrated in a significant percentage of adolescents.

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