Psychology of learning

The above definitions emphasize four attributes of learning

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The above definitions emphasize four attributes of learning...

As Process the first is that learning is permanent change in behaviour.

It does not include change due to illness, fatigue, maturation and use of intoxicant.


The learning is not directly observable but manifests in the activities of the individual.

Learning depends on practice and experience.
Characteristics of Learning
Yoakum & Simpson have stated the following general characteristics of learning Learning is growth, adjustment, organisation of experience, purposeful, both individual and social, product of the environment.
According to W.R Mc law learning has the following
1. Learning is a continuous modification of behaviour continues throughout life
2. Learning is pervasive. It reaches into all aspects of human life.
3. Learning involves the whole person, socially, emotionally & intellectually.
4. Learning is often a change in the organisation of behaviour.
5. Learning is developmental. Time is one of its dimensions.
6. Learning is responsive to incentives. Inmost cases positive incentives such as rewards are most effective than negative incentives such as punishments.
7. Learning is always concerned with goals. These goals can be expressed in terms of observable behaviour.

8. Interest & learning are positively related. The individual learns bet those things, which he is interested in learning. Most bys find learning to play football easier than learning to add fractions.
9. Learning depends on maturation and motivation.

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